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Notre mission est de proposer une solution E-commerce stable et sécurisée aux artistes désirant déléguer et offrir leur créations à la vente. La formule est simple: en réunissant les artistes, on mutualise les idées et les frais. Ce qui permet de diminuer les coûts et de négocier des tarifs avantageux auprès des partenaires d'impression, tout en proposant un profil complet, prêt à être exposé.


Si vous imprimez vos créations chez nos partenaires d'impressions, nous ne prenons aucune commission et aucune mensualité! 


Pourquoi Le safo ?

Exposez vos œuvres : que l'art soit votre source de revenu principale ou votre activité secondaire, nous vous offrons la possibilité de les exposer de manière créative et de présenter votre travail sur une plateforme en constante évolution.

Concentrez vous sur votre travail : inutile de vous préoccuper de la mise en ligne de vos créations, des impressions, des packaging ainsi que du suivi client ou du service après-vente, nous nous occupons de tout cela. Votre seul travail est de nous en donner. 

Croisement des communautés : chaque artiste qui attire un certain nombre de personnes sur son profil, les incitera à voyager vers d'autres artistes pour découvrir leur productions, ainsi, un artiste plus expérimenté garanti une superbe visibilité au débutant.

Rejoindre une communauté : nous accueillons une communauté d'artistes florissante dédiée à se soutenir les uns les autres. Chaque experience et actions réalisés permet d'acquérir de l'experience qui sont ensuite partagés entre nous.

Foire aux questions


We recommend for all international travel that your passport is valid for at least six months prior to travel date.

All prices are based exchange rates. If the US dollar devalues, Over The Top Travel LLC and Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun reserves the right to increase prices to the current rate. If there are any changes in prices due to flight cost, your final invoice will reflect these changes and you will also be advised via email.

For US Citizens, please check visa requirements for a trip before booking.

If a visa is required for a trip, we will inform you and it will also be noted on the trip.

For all land only packages, you are responsible for to purchase your own flight and airport transfers.

All full packages, includes only economy class tickets.

A copy of your passport will be required for ticketing. Over The Top Travel dba Travel & Cruzin Divas 4 Fun will not be responsible for incorrect names, mistakes and/or changes that need to be made to the ticket.

Airport transfer are provided for travelers arriving on same flight at same airport with group.

Please note a credit card may be required at check in at hotels to cover for room charges

Full itineraries for all trips will be provided to travelers 45 days prior to trip date.

One complimentary name change is allowed, after a $100 fee is applicable.

Payments not received within terms will be assessed a late fee of $50.

Cancellations must be done using the cancellation form- no exceptions.

Our roommate matching is available but it is not guaranteed. In the event you sign up for a trip and was not assigned a roommate, you are responsible for upgrading to a single occupancy room.

All reservation made must be in your full name as it appears on your travel document.

We reserve the right to cancel any trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

Only website members will have access to view account details, earn travel points and discounts.


All TCD4F members or any other member journeying with the group is required to purchase travel insurance. It’s a way to help protect your travel investments, belongings, health, safety and losses related to your travel. Please email us for a quote or purchase on your own. You can also use the below link to request a quote on your own. Get a quote


You must complete the credit card authorization to process monthly payments once you opted for Flexi Payment Plan instead of full payment. Hence, after paying a deposit, a monthly invoice will follow until trip is paid in full. Please complete the credit card authorization form for monthly billing. Credit Card Authorization Form


All travelers are required to complete the passenger information form to ensure registration is complete for hotel accommodation are for any flights. Passenger Information Form


Please ensure you have read and fully understand our terms and conditions, refund and cancellation policy and our privacy policy. All of which can be located in our site map.


Please review and complete the Covid-19 Liability Waiver form. This form must be completed 15 days before your travel date. Covid-19 Liability Waiver


We do recommend that if you plan to book a trip that is 45 days to the trip date, that you book a single room and send us an email if you would like to be placed with a roommate. There is no guarantee that a roommate will be available at 45 days before trip date. If a roommate becomes available after you have booked, you will be refunded the difference between a single occupant room and a double room (less any fees charged by a third party). Read more - Roommate Matching

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